Youth Alliance Nigeria: Fostering Sustainability Through Youth Empowerment

Nigeria, with a large number of young people, is facing a big problem of high youth unemployment, currently at 53.7%. However, the Alliance for Youth Nigeria, made up of influential members like Nestlé Nigeria, Jobberman Nigeria, Big Bottling Company, the United Nations Global Compact Network Nigeria, and U-Connect HR Limited, is taking bold steps to give young Nigerians the skills they need for a sustainable future.

The Alliance for Youth Nigeria is a business-driven movement that invests in the development of young people. Through working together, this alliance creates opportunities for youth development, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 17.

Mustapha Fasasi, a 34-year-old from Oyo State, Nigeria, is a great example of the impact generated by the Alliance. Fasasi took part in vocational training organized by the Alliance and learned skills in solar panel installation, an important field for sustainable energy solutions. Fasasi expressed his joy and echoed the sentiments of his colleagues, emphasizing the transformative training experience and the investment in upskilling young people.

The Alliance’s vocational skills training covers four main areas: solar panel installation, graphics design and social media management, beauty care, and web development and digital marketing. By offering a wide range of skills, the Alliance ensures that young Nigerians have access to various opportunities that match their interests and talents.

Mariya Ahmad Jibrin, a participant in the graphics design category, expressed deep gratitude for the training experience. She highlighted the invaluable support she received through the laptop provided by the Alliance. For Jibrin, this laptop has become an essential tool for her growing business, allowing her to showcase her talent and attract clients.

In recognition of the need for tangible support, the Alliance rewards high-performing participants with start-up kits. These kits include laptops, makeup kits, massage beds, and complete toolboxes, providing the necessary resources for young entrepreneurs to start their ventures. This gesture not only empowers the youth but also shows the Alliance’s commitment to fostering self-sufficiency.

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development plays a crucial role in supporting skills-based entrepreneurship to empower youth and create job opportunities. Aligned with the National Youth Policy, which identifies employment and entrepreneurship as important areas, the Ministry collaborates with the Alliance for Youth Nigeria to develop appropriate Policy Frameworks. Together, they aim to create economic opportunities and sustainable growth for Nigerian youth.

The impact of the Alliance’s initiatives is impressive, with over 16,000 young Nigerians empowered through training, internships, and mentoring. Vocational skills training conducted in Ibadan and Kano has provided start-up kits to high-performing participants, ensuring they have the necessary tools to succeed in their chosen fields.

The Alliance for Youth Nigeria goes beyond individual success stories. By addressing the urgent need for innovative interventions, the Alliance actively contributes to the Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan, which focuses on employability, entrepreneurship, employment creation equality, and rights. These elements are key to tackling youth unemployment.

Nigeria’s young population, with 70% of its citizens under 30, has great potential for the country’s future. The Alliance for Youth Nigeria recognizes this potential and works to unlock it through skills training and capacity building. By investing in the development of young Nigerians, the Alliance is driving economic growth and paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.

In conclusion, the efforts of the Alliance for Youth Nigeria in empowering young people with skills for employment and entrepreneurship are commendable. Through training, start-up kits, and collaboration with stakeholders, the Alliance tackles the issue of youth unemployment head-on. By investing in the potential of Nigeria’s youth, the Alliance for Youth Nigeria is shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for the country.

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