Website Revamp Enhances User Experience on Storm Center Amid Extreme Weather

Entergy, a major utility company, recently launched a new version of its Storm Center website that aims to improve the customer experience during severe weather events. The updated site has a cleaner look and a more user-friendly layout, making it easier for visitors to access important information and resources. This redesign is part of Entergy’s ongoing efforts to enhance storm response and keep customers informed and prepared.

One notable feature of the revamped Storm Center website is its prominent display of tips on how to be prepared for severe weather. Visitors can find valuable information on staying safe and informed during storms, as well as learn about Entergy’s response strategies. The website’s navigation is designed to align with what customers typically seek during severe weather, ensuring that relevant resources are easily accessible.

An important change to the Storm Center website is the improved interface, developed in collaboration with Entergy’s communications department and web developers. Extensive research on website visitor trends and comparisons to industry peers were conducted to ensure the new design meets user needs and expectations. The result is a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that works well on all screen sizes, providing a consistent experience across devices.

Neal Kirby, the manager of corporate media and web communications at Entergy, stressed the significance of the redesign. “The Storm Center has consistently been one of the most visited sections of our company’s website,” Kirby said. “We wanted to enhance the customer experience and make it even easier for our customers to find the information they need during severe weather.”

To achieve this goal, the communications department worked diligently to ensure that resources related to power outages are readily available. As most visitors to the Storm Center are looking for specific information about power outages, the updated website now prominently displays these resources. Visitors can quickly report an outage, sign up for text alerts, and even download the mobile app for easy access to storm-related updates.

In addition to power outage resources, the Storm Center website features a regularly updated news section throughout storm restoration. This ensures that customers have access to the latest information and updates about storm-related activities. The team behind the redesign launched the updated design at the beginning of hurricane season, aiming to provide customers with a reliable and informative platform when they need it most.

The new layout of the Storm Center website places a strong emphasis on safety. Links to safety and other resources can be found at the top right of the web page, ensuring customers can easily access important information to protect themselves and their loved ones during severe weather events. Additionally, visitors can select their state icon for a more targeted list of local stories, enabling them to stay informed about specific weather conditions in their area.

To enhance the overall user experience, social media channels are conveniently located at the bottom of the page. This allows customers to easily connect with Entergy and stay updated through their preferred social media platforms.

The newly redesigned Storm Center website demonstrates Entergy’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, especially during times of crisis. By optimizing the website for all screen sizes and incorporating customer feedback, the company has successfully created a valuable resource that ensures customers are well-informed and prepared before, during, and after severe weather events.

As severe weather continues to present challenges, Entergy’s dedication to improving its storm response and enhancing the customer experience through the redesigned Storm Center website is commendable. With the launch of this user-friendly platform, the company reaffirms its commitment to the safety and satisfaction of its customers, ensuring they have the necessary tools and information to weather any storm.

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