Valeo: Trailblazing Tomorrow’s Transport at IAA Mobility 2023

Valeo, the top global company in visibility systems, will redefine future mobility at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, Germany. From September 5 to 10, Valeo will showcase advancements in connectivity, user experience, and automated driving and parking, with the goal of making greener and safer mobility accessible to all.

A standout exhibit will be the Clean Motion EVIG, a three-wheeled droid powered by the Valeo e-access powertrain and equipped with solar panels. This electric vehicle is designed for optimized last-mile deliveries in cities, offering flexible cargo space and connectivity-enabled services. The Clean Motion EVIG represents a significant advancement in environmentally friendly mobility solutions, highlighting Valeo’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

Another revolutionary technology is the 6-in-1 eAxle, a game-changing system for electric vehicles. This integrates multiple components into a single unit, simplifying integration and enhancing performance. By streamlining functions, the 6-in-1 eAxle improves efficiency and creates more space under the hood, allowing for innovative design.

Valeo’s dedication to safety and convenience is exemplified by their tele-operated Valet parking services, demonstrated in collaboration with BMW and Deutsche Telekom. This technology allows drivers to remotely control their vehicles for parking maneuvers, eliminating the stress of finding a parking spot in crowded areas. With tele-operation, parking becomes seamless, efficient, and stress-free, revolutionizing navigation in cities.

Seamless connectivity is crucial for future mobility, and Valeo prioritizes connectivity-enabled services in their vehicles. By leveraging advanced technologies, Valeo aims to create an experience where vehicles interact with the environment. This enhances safety and provides unparalleled convenience for drivers and passengers.

In addition to connectivity, Valeo transforms the interior experience of future vehicles. The Cocoon showcases advancements in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and interior comfort. With Valeo’s innovations, the interior of vehicles becomes a connected and personalized space, enhancing the driving experience.

Valeo’s Smart Heat Pump contributes to the efficiency of electric vehicles by simplifying system integration and creating more space under the hood. This technology optimizes energy consumption by managing the vehicle’s heating and cooling systems. By reducing the space required for climate control components, the Smart Heat Pump allows for innovative design and improved efficiency in electric vehicles.

Valeo’s dedication to creating greener and safer mobility solutions aligns with their commitment to affordability. By making their technologies accessible to a wide range of customers, Valeo aims to drive the adoption of sustainable transportation globally. They believe that the future of mobility should be within reach for everyone.

As the automotive industry evolves, Valeo remains at the forefront of innovation. Through their participation in IAA Mobility 2023, they aim to inspire and shape the future of mobility with their solutions. From the Clean Motion EVIG to the 6-in-1 eAxle, Valeo’s technologies will revolutionize the way we drive, connecting us seamlessly to our surroundings and making our journeys safer and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Valeo’s presence at IAA Mobility 2023 signifies their commitment to creating a greener, safer, and more connected future of mobility. With their innovations and emphasis on connectivity, user experience, and automated features, Valeo is poised to revolutionize transportation and shape a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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