Reveals New Branding and Charitable Initiatives by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have taken a big step forward in their mission to have a positive impact on the world. Their new website,, is a central hub for all aspects of their personal lives, philanthropy, and supported projects.

This website is their first rebranding effort since they started Archewell in 2020. is not just a digital platform; it’s a significant milestone in their journey outside of the royal family. The website’s design features a custom royal crest, made by the Duchess of Sussex with help from the College of Arms in London. This personal touch adds a unique flair to their online presence.

Even though they stepped back from their official royal duties, Prince Harry and Meghan can still use their titles, but with limits on their new financial ventures. is a powerful platform for them to continue their philanthropy and share their journey with the world.

One of their most important projects is their partnership with Netflix. In a remarkable deal worth £80 million, Prince Harry and Meghan will produce thought-provoking content for the streaming giant. A Netflix executive hinted at multiple projects in the works, leaving fans excited to see the couple’s impact on the entertainment industry.

Beyond their work, Prince Harry and Meghan are dedicated to making real change in the world. Prince Harry’s commitment to humanitarian work, military service, and advocacy for mental health and the environment has earned global admiration. Meghan Markle, recognized as one of the world’s most influential women, continues to support human rights, gender equality, and feminist values.

The couple recently participated in The Welcome Project, cooking Afghan food with resettled women in the United States. This experience fostered cultural exchange and showed their desire to help those in need. showcases the couple’s values and provides visitors with a deeper understanding of their backgrounds and motivations. Biographies of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are featured on the website, allowing their global audience to connect with them personally.

The launch of replaces their old website,, and offers a more comprehensive platform with information about their projects and supported organizations.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex faced challenges on their branding journey. After stepping back from royal duties, the Queen prohibited them from using the name “SussexRoyal.” Their £18 million deal with Spotify, part of their Archewell company, ended by mutual agreement. But these setbacks haven’t stopped the couple from pursuing their vision of creating positive change.

Prince Harry and Meghan will be in Vancouver to mark the 12-month countdown until Prince Harry’s Invictus Games 2025. The Invictus Games, founded by Prince Harry, is a sporting event for wounded, injured, or sick armed services personnel and veterans. This event holds great importance for Prince Harry, and their presence will inspire all involved. is a new chapter for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they build their legacy beyond the British royal family. With this influential website, they can share personal updates, promote their philanthropy, and connect with their global audience.

As the couple embarks on this exciting journey, the world eagerly awaits the positive impact they will make. is more than just a website; it represents hope, progress, and the unwavering pursuit of a better world.

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