Shaping Almeria’s Future: C-Next Designers Revolutionise European Design

Prepare to be captivated as the future of design unfolds at the highly anticipated C-Next Designers Europe conference, organized by Cosentino, a leading Spanish surfaces company. This four-day event, happening from 1 to 4 October 2023 in Almeria, Spain, promises to be one of Europe’s most significant and thrilling interior design conventions.

Bringing together nearly 300 interior design and architecture professionals from 17 European countries, the conference aims to showcase cutting-edge work and ideas that will shape the industry’s future. Under the theme of “designing a meaningful future,” attendees will explore innovative approaches to sustainable building surfaces and material selection methods.

One of the main highlights of the event is the presence of renowned digital artist, Andres Reisinger. Widely recognized for his groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence and design, Reisinger will lead thought-provoking discussions on integrating AI in the creative process. His recent collection of virtual furniture, designed specifically for 3D virtual spaces, pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm.

Sharing the stage with Reisinger is the illustrious British designer, Tom Dixon, who will showcase his captivating sculptural installation, Metamorphic. This collaboration with Cosentino embodies the fusion of art and design, capturing the essence of transformation and evolution.

In addition to the mesmerizing keynotes and discussions, attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Cosentino. Guided tours of Cosentino labs and factory facilities will provide valuable insights into the production processes behind sustainable building surfaces, showcasing the company’s unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious design.

Cosentino’s participation in the European interior design sector marks a significant milestone, highlighting their dedication to collaboration and innovation. As a leading producer of sustainable building surfaces, their involvement in this year’s conference sets the stage for a new era of advancement within the industry.

An exhibition at the Cabogata Beach Hotel will showcase products from each participating designer, offering a glimpse into the range of ideas and concepts that will shape the future of design.

Esteemed industry professionals such as Kar-Hwa Ho, Head of Interior Architecture at Zaha Hadid Architects, and Max Fraser, Editorial Director of Dezeen, will also contribute their expertise and knowledge to the event. Their presence will enrich the discussions and explore the possibilities that lie ahead in the world of interior design.

A guided tour of Cosentino’s industrial park will allow attendees to witness firsthand the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and its dedication to pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

The conference will also delve into the emerging trend of outdoor rooms, with a discussion led by Ryan Bloom, CEO of Urban Bonfire. This concept emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature and enhancing the overall living experience.

Design studios Gaggenau, FormaFantasma, and Vibia are actively engaged in the convention, further amplifying the range of perspectives and ideas showcased throughout the event. Their contributions highlight the collaborative nature of the design industry and underscore the importance of collective efforts in shaping the future of design.

C-Next Designers Europe is an initiative by Cosentino, a company renowned for pushing the boundaries of design possibilities. By hosting this conference, Cosentino provides a platform for industry professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and collectively shape the future of design.

As the conference draws near, excitement and anticipation build for the groundbreaking discussions, immersive experiences, and innovative ideas that await attendees. C-Next Designers Europe is poised to leave a lasting impact on the interior design industry, setting the stage for a meaningful and sustainable future of design.

In the picturesque city of Almeria, the future of design takes shape, and C-Next Designers Europe stands at its forefront—ready to revolutionize the industry one idea at a time.

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