Oxford City Council Debuts Streamlined Website for Improved User Navigation

Oxford City Council has recently unveiled its redesigned website, aiming to improve user experience and accessibility. Inspired by the successful GOV.UK platform and other local authorities, the council has taken a mobile-first approach, focusing on streamlining the site’s usability and efficiency.

As online transactions and information-seeking grow, having a user-friendly website is crucial. Oxford residents heavily rely on the council’s website for bill payments and vital information. Recognizing this, the council has revamped the website, ensuring its relevance and usability in the digital age.

The website’s appearance and structure have transformed to streamline the user experience. By reducing pages and documents, the council aims to provide an intuitive and efficient browsing experience. This simplifies navigation and ensures easy access to key information.

To meet user needs and expectations, the council sought feedback from various sources, including the Residents’ Panel. The panel’s comments and suggestions influenced the design and content of the refreshed site.

The council also conducted a survey to gauge public opinion on the website’s effectiveness. An overwhelming 88% found the information clear and helpful, demonstrating the council’s commitment to relevant and accessible content.

The survey showed that 92% found the website layout “quite straightforward” or “very straightforward,” indicating the success of the mobile-first approach. The layout ensures a seamless experience across devices.

Accessibility has been improved to cater to users with diverse needs. A thorough evaluation resulted in 92% finding text size, color, contrast, and navigation accessible and easy to use.

The council actively encourages residents to provide feedback, aiming to continuously improve the website’s features. Interested individuals can easily voice their opinions and suggestions for enhancements.

Feedback from the public consultation will shape future improvements. The council considers all comments and suggestions to meet the needs of the Oxford community.

Built on the Jadu Digital platform, the website follows best practices, adhering to industry standards for a seamless browsing experience.

The City Council plans further improvements based on valuable feedback. It remains proactive in adapting to changing user needs and technological advancements.

In conclusion, the Oxford City Council’s website revamp provides an exceptional user experience. The mobile-first approach, feedback from the Residents’ Panel, and input from the wider public have created a clear, accessible, and user-friendly website. As the council continues to improve, Oxford residents can expect an even better online experience in the future.

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