New Initiative Targets Age Discrimination in England to Shift Public Perceptions

The Centre for Ageing Better, led by CEO Dr. Carole Easton OBE, has launched a groundbreaking campaign in England to fight ageism and challenge discriminatory views. The campaign aims to educate the public, start conversations, and eliminate ageism from society.

Ageism, a widespread prejudice affecting people of all ages, has significant effects on individuals and communities. Shockingly, half of people aged over 50 in England reported experiencing age discrimination in the past year alone, showing the urgent need for action.

To address this issue, the campaign will use various communication channels, including advertising, PR, and social media. A comprehensive website will provide valuable information, tools, and resources, including an “Are You Ageist” quiz to challenge subconscious ageist views.

The workplace is a crucial battleground for fighting ageism. A recent survey showed that 37% of respondents reported experiencing age discrimination in their professional lives. To tackle this issue directly, the campaign encourages employers to participate in the Age Without Limits Action Day, held annually in March, to raise awareness and promote inclusivity in the workforce.

While ageism is often seen as harmless, its effects can be far-reaching and devastating. The campaign aims to change behavior by challenging ageist views held by a third of the public. Partnering with marketing firm Four Agency, the Centre for Ageing Better aims to use insights, strategic vision, and trusted media partners to effectively communicate its message.

Empowering individuals to actively challenge age discrimination is one of the campaign’s main goals. Ageism scars lives and has negative effects on individuals, leading to isolation, limited opportunities, and diminished well-being. By encouraging people to stand up against ageism, the campaign hopes to create a society where age is celebrated, not discriminated against.

The media plays a significant role in shaping societal perceptions, and unfortunately, ageism often appears in the content we consume. In fact, 32% of respondents felt most discriminated against in the media, while another 32% felt discriminated against as consumers. The campaign aims to challenge these biases and promote a more inclusive representation of all ages in the media.

To maximize its impact, the campaign will use a comprehensive advertising strategy, including out-of-home, audiovisual, cinema, print, and digital platforms. By using a variety of mediums, the message will reach a wide audience, starting conversations and raising awareness about ageism.

The Centre for Ageing Better recognizes that challenging ageism requires a collective effort. By partnering with various stakeholders, including employers, media outlets, and the public, the campaign aims to create a united front against age discrimination. It aims to foster a society where individuals are valued for their contributions and abilities, regardless of their age.

As the campaign gains momentum, it is hoped that a shift in societal attitudes will occur, leading to a more inclusive and age-friendly environment. Together, we can challenge ageism and build a future where people of all ages can thrive.

In conclusion, the Centre for Ageing Better’s campaign to combat ageism in England is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive society. With the launch of a comprehensive website, strategic advertising, and partnerships with key stakeholders, the campaign aims to educate, challenge discriminatory views, and inspire behavior change. By working together, we can create a future where age is celebrated, and no one is limited by prejudice.

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