Loughborough Town Deal: A Digital Age Lifeline for Local Businesses

Loughborough is about to undergo a major digital transformation with the launch of the Digital Training Hub, a new initiative supported by a £16.9 million investment from the Government’s Towns Fund. This innovative program aims to improve digital skills and boost the online presence of local businesses, benefiting residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors.

Leading the way in this exciting venture is Love Loughborough, the organization responsible for spearheading the Digital Training Hub. Love Loughborough will offer customized courses tailored to the specific needs of Loughborough’s diverse range of companies. These courses, developed in collaboration with local businesses, will cover a wide range of topics, including social media, web design, video production, and digital marketing.

To ensure that the courses perfectly meet the unique requirements of local businesses, Love Loughborough has appointed Sam Berry as the digital engagement officer. Berry is already working closely with enterprises in the area, and with the support of Loughborough-based LikeMind Media, the Digital Training Hub aims to equip businesses with the necessary skills to succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Dr. Nik Kotecha OBE DL, chair of Loughborough Town Deal Board, emphasized the importance of this support, stating, “We operate and reside in an increasingly digital world, which makes it even more gratifying to see this invaluable backing being extended to local businesses through the funding provided by Loughborough Town Deal.”

A key aspect of the Digital Training Hub is its collaborative and customizable nature. Local businesses will have the opportunity to shape the courses according to their specific needs, providing valuable input. This approach ensures that the training program remains relevant and effective, enabling businesses to improve their online presence and increase their trade.

Cllr Jenni Tillotson, the Council’s lead member for Economic Development, Regeneration, and Town Centres, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This exceptional initiative will empower local businesses to thrive in the digital world, ultimately benefiting the entire community.”

The funding allocated to the Digital Training Hub is part of the larger £2.87 million Living Loughborough project, led by Charnwood Borough Council in partnership with Love Loughborough. This comprehensive project also includes investments in the town’s markets, CCTV system, and the organization of more events in the town center.

Lisa Brown, Love Loughborough manager, is excited about the collaboration with local business LikeMind Media, as this partnership aims to provide businesses with a holistic approach to developing digital skills, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

The Digital Training Hub demonstrates the Town Deal program’s unwavering commitment to supporting local businesses. The program has already expanded free Wi-Fi access in the town center, allowing businesses and residents to stay connected and take advantage of online opportunities.

In fact, the Town Deal program is championing a total of 11 projects, representing an impressive £40 million investment in Loughborough. This substantial commitment highlights a strong focus on the town’s growth and development, ensuring its resilience in the face of digital transformation.

The combination of the Digital Training Hub, free Wi-Fi provisions, and various other initiatives under the Town Deal program provides local businesses with the essential tools they need to thrive in the digital era. By improving their online presence and honing their digital skills, businesses can attract more customers and stimulate economic growth within the community.

For local businesses interested in shaping the courses or obtaining further information, they can contact Sam Berry, the digital engagement officer, at 07939 312847 or via email at office@loughboroughbid.co.uk.

As Loughborough continues to embrace the digital world, the Town Deal program paves the way for a prosperous future, empowering local businesses and fostering innovation. With unwavering support and substantial investment, Loughborough’s business community is well-positioned to seize the opportunities presented by the digital age, securing a thriving future for the town.

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