Delving into the Vibrant Realm of Design Magazines: An Insight into Recent Editions

Design magazines have long been respected for inspiring and providing valuable insights to creative professionals across various industries. These publications offer interesting features, in-depth interviews, and beautiful visuals that give a glimpse into the ever-changing world of design, interiors, and lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the latest issues of well-known design magazines, highlighting their unique focuses and the stories that have captivated readers.

Slanted Magazine Spotlights Amsterdam

Slanted magazine’s latest issue takes readers on a captivating journey through the lively city of Amsterdam. From its famous architecture to its thriving creative scene, this issue explores the dynamic energy that fills every corner of the Dutch capital. Through beautiful visuals and engaging stories, Slanted magazine showcases Amsterdam as a hub of artistic innovation and cultural diversity.

TYPEONE Magazine: A Platform for Design Enthusiasts

TYPEONE magazine offers a comprehensive platform for graphic designers seeking inspiration and industry insights. The latest issue explores the fascinating intersection of typography and streetwear culture, with a focus on experimental type and its influence on the design industry. Interviews with industry pioneers Bareis + Nicolaus and TWOMUCH shed light on their creative processes and inspirations, providing valuable knowledge for design enthusiasts.

Wallpaper*: A Versatile Approach to Design

As one of the leading design magazines, Wallpaper* covers a wide range of topics, including design, interiors, and lifestyle. In its latest issue, Wallpaper* explores the design philosophy of renowned brand Aesop, giving readers a glimpse into the company’s innovative approach to skincare products. Additionally, the magazine visits Edra’s headquarters to delve into their unique approach to furniture making, showcasing the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. With its versatile approach to design, Wallpaper* continues to captivate readers with its diverse content.

Type 01 Magazine: Celebrating 20 Years of the Rolex Mentors & Protégés Project

Type 01 magazine, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, dedicates an entire issue to the Rolex Mentors & Protégés project. This initiative has played a crucial role in nurturing emerging talent in various creative fields. The magazine highlights the impact of this project on the design industry, showcasing success stories and featuring a beauty shoot with Peter Philips, the renowned Dior Make-up director. Type 01 magazine celebrates its milestone by honoring the power of mentorship and the positive influence it has had on the creative community.

Exploring the World of Custom Type Design

TYPEONE magazine provides valuable insights into the world of custom typeface design. With a focus on designing custom type, the magazine offers designers a curated online marketplace called Type Department. This platform saves designers from searching the web for type-related news and brings together a community of typography enthusiasts. By connecting designers with resources for their typographic needs, TYPEONE magazine empowers them to explore and create unique typography designs.

Creative Review: A Captivating Blend of Design and Advertising

Creative Review, a publication originally launched in 1981, covers a diverse range of topics, including design, advertising, photography, branding, digital products, film, and gaming. In each issue, the magazine presents thought-provoking features that explore the latest trends and innovations in the creative world. From in-depth interviews with industry leaders to showcases of groundbreaking campaigns, Creative Review keeps its readers at the forefront of the design and advertising landscape. With its captivating blend of design and advertising content, Creative Review continues to inspire and inform its audience.


Design magazines remain valuable resources for creative professionals, providing inspiration, knowledge, and industry insights. Whether it’s exploring the vibrant city of Amsterdam through the lens of Slanted magazine, immersing oneself in the world of experimental type with TYPEONE magazine, or discovering the latest design and lifestyle trends with Wallpaper* and Type 01 magazine, these publications offer a gateway to the ever-evolving world of design. With each issue, readers are invited to embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and inspiration.

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