Automattic Boosts Messaging Sphere with Texts Takeover

Automattic, the parent company of and Tumblr, has recently acquired Texts, a startup that specializes in managing chat and messaging apps. This acquisition is part of Automattic’s plan to expand in the messaging market and stay competitive amidst industry growth.

Texts stands out by supporting multiple messaging platforms, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, and Discord DMs. This approach sets Texts apart and makes it a valuable addition to Automattic’s services.

One key selling point of Texts is its commitment to user privacy and security. Unlike other messaging services, Texts doesn’t transmit messages through its servers. This encryption ensures safe communication. With Automattic’s resources, Texts will enhance its support for messaging services and develop dedicated iOS and Android apps.

Automattic’s CEO, Matt Mullenweg, sees the acquisition as a natural progression. As demand for interoperable messaging services rises, companies face pressure to make platforms more open. Automattic’s support for open web platforms aligns with this trend. The integration of ActivityPub into its services will provide a seamless experience across platforms and social networks.

The acquisition of Texts positions Automattic to stay ahead in this evolving landscape, especially with competition from Beeper, another company using the Matrix protocol.

Under Automattic, Texts will focus on enhancing messaging services. Its expertise in managing multiple chat and messaging apps will complement Automattic’s offerings. Automattic’s backing presents an opportunity to expand Texts’ availability on mobile devices, catering to users who rely on messaging apps on smartphones.

This acquisition positions Automattic to tap into the lucrative messaging market. By combining their expertise, Automattic and Texts aim to offer users a secure messaging experience across platforms and networks.

In conclusion, Automattic’s acquisition of Texts shows its commitment to innovation and growth in the messaging space. With Texts’ technology, encryption, and support for multiple platforms, Automattic aims to offer users a comprehensive and secure messaging experience. This strategic move positions Automattic for success in the world of messaging apps.

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