ArtiCAD and Trend Transformations: Pioneering a New Era in Kitchen Design

ArtiCAD, a leading CAD and design software supplier, has partnered with Trend Transformations, a renowned glass mosaic manufacturer, with the goal of revolutionizing the kitchen design industry. This collaboration aims to offer innovative tools and products that enhance the overall kitchen makeover experience for designers and consumers.

In a rapidly changing world of design trends, it is crucial for businesses in the interior design industry to stay ahead. Recognizing this, ArtiCAD and Trend Transformations have joined forces to push the boundaries of kitchen design.

The collaboration introduces cutting-edge software integration between ArtiCAD and Trend Transformations, aimed at raising awareness of Trend’s unique offerings. By incorporating Trend’s exceptional products into ArtiCAD’s extensive graphics catalog, designers using the software can easily visualize various design options. This expands choices for customers and ensures that the final result of their makeover meets their expectations.

A key highlight of this partnership is the development of a web-based 3D kitchen design tool exclusively by ArtiCAD for Granite & Trend Transformations franchisees. This tool empowers customers to choose from a diverse selection of colors and styles for their kitchen makeover, enabling them to make informed decisions. The ability to mix materials, such as contrasting worktops and splashbacks, allows customers to create different zones within their kitchen, embracing the growing trend of incorporating various materials into room designs.

Trend Transformations’ expertise in glass mosaic manufacturing sets them apart from competitors, making them the only glass mosaic manufacturer featured in ArtiCAD’s catalog. This partnership further solidifies Trend’s position as the go-to brand for unique and high-quality glass mosaic products. Theresa Turner, a director of ArtiCAD, played a key role in fostering this collaboration, recognizing the value it brings to both companies and their customers.

Danny Hanlon, the UK chief operating officer of Granite & Trend Transformations, acknowledges the significance of this partnership, stating that “The integration of Trend’s products into ArtiCAD’s software not only showcases our offerings but also enhances the overall customer experience. This collaboration allows us to reach a wider audience and solidify our position as industry leaders.”

In recent years, the kitchen splashback has become a design focal point, and Trend Transformations’ products provide a unique alternative. With their wide range of colors and styles, customers can transform their kitchens into stunning spaces that reflect their personal style.

ArtiCAD’s preferred status as Granite & Trend Transformations’ CAD and design software supplier highlights the trust and confidence placed in their capabilities. This partnership not only strengthens ArtiCAD’s position in the market but also reinforces their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The integration of Trend’s products into ArtiCAD’s software benefits both customers and franchisees of Granite & Trend Transformations. By harnessing ArtiCAD’s powerful design tools, franchisees can provide their clients with a seamless and immersive design experience, ultimately enhancing their business growth and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the partnership between ArtiCAD and Trend Transformations signifies a significant milestone in kitchen design. Through their innovative software integration and exceptional product offerings, they are set to revolutionize the way kitchens are transformed. By empowering customers to visualize their dream kitchens and providing designers with cutting-edge tools, this collaboration is reshaping the industry and elevating the kitchen makeover experience. With ArtiCAD and Trend Transformations leading the way, the future of kitchen design looks brighter and more exciting than ever before.

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